Welcome to Pylon Elite Camps:

For the past 7 years, Pylon Elite Camps, formerly New Level Athletics, have worked hard to create what we believe is the most innovative model for showcasing talented high school football players from across the country; travel 7v7 and lineman challenges.

Pylon Elite Camps’ provide highly competitive camps for top high school football players around the nation. Our camps’ platform allows these prep stars to sharpen their skills and showcase their talents to recruiting media while competing at an extremely high level of competition. We have enjoyed huge success, running 30 camps over the past 6 years while catering to over 10,000 top athletes. Our alumni can be seen performing at a high level on Saturday’s and Sunday’s at the collegiate and pro level.  We saw our alumni go 7 out of 14 in skill players taken in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft with 33 total drafted players. Other alumni include Heisman hopefuls (5 of 10 on the 2013 preseason list), college (7 Players on the 2013 preseason list) and high school All-Americans (31 class of 2014), and thousands of FBS and FCS college signees.

Our model also features lesser-known, yet equally talented, players who deserve recognition.  Pylon provides a level playing field for all prospects with the drive and determination required to play at the collegiate level regardless of prior accolades or notoriety. Participation in a Pylon event provides every athlete an opportunity to gain exposure. Nationally covered by Scout.com, Rivals.com, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN, our players have an opportunity to justify their “star” status or prove that they are deserving of “star” status. Of all the skilled position players that have participated in one of the major “All American” games, over 80% were Pylon alumni (since the 7v7 inception).  In addition, a significant number of those All Americans received their invitation as a direct result of the stellar performances they displayed during one of our events.

Many players who compete in our events are recognized Division I prospects.  However, many come to us with little recognition and zero college scholarship offers.  A praiseworthy fact is that a high percentage of these “undiscovered” talents eventually receive offers and attend major colleges and universities.  The exposure created by attending one of our events has benefited the participants in terms of greater exposure, ranking status, All-Star game invites and scholarship offers. Exposure through Pylon events has been proven to be an invaluable asset to the recruitment process in general.

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