Safety | COVID-19

Pylon 7on7 Football Program COVID plan:


      • Required temperature check on everyone (spectators, coaches, athletes, referees, Pylon event staff, facility event staff) before they are allowed to enter the facility.
        •  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted to enter.

        • The entry process will be contactless (no staff will come into contact with entrants).

        • Spectators must wear a face mask and agree to keep it on the entire time they’re in the facility.

        • Separate entrances and exits will be used to control flow and promote social distancing.

        • Teams and spectators will be required to leave the facility after each game.

        • Any doors or handles that are used at entry will be cleaned between every group that enters the facility


        • All team waivers, at check-in, will be collected by Pylon staff (handled with gloves).
        • Team wristbands, if any, will be given to coaches to give to their athletes.  Pylon staff will no longer place the wristbands on each athlete.


        • Staff will be required to wear masks for the entirety of the event.

        • Staff will not come into direct contact with any spectator or participant.


        • Players and coaches should use the hand sanitizer upon entering the field for warm up or game participation.
        • Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the facility for public use.

        • Water dispensers will not be provided.  Each athlete must bring their own water bottle.

        • Teams are not allowed to shake hands before or after the game in traditional fashion.

        • Athlete’s and coaches are expected to wear a mask when they cannot social distance 6 feet or more.


        • Spectators will be limited based on local regulations and facility size.

        • All spectators will be required to stand/sit that are 6 feet apart.