Player Evaluations

2021: Week 1

2022 – WR – Evan Stewart – Liberty HS, TX – 6’ / 175

247 Rank:  National - 40 / WR - 5 / TX – 8

Commitment – Un-Decided

Name/Location/Date/Time of film for evaluation –  Season Highlights – 12/16/20 – 7m 31sec

Physical Attributes –  Let’s start with this so you can get an idea of what we are dealing with:  Verified Track Results: 47.9 triple jump,  24.6 long jump, 10.74 100m, and a 21.08 200m, all verified in 2020.  Evan is an ELITE athlete with true SPEED.  He is a football player running track.  He exhibits elite burst/get off, acceleration, play speed and long speed.  He can drop his weight and change direction.  He has excellent balance and body control and he shows crazy burst and explosiveness.  He does all this with ease.  His route running ability is above average.  He exhibits soft hands and can jump to win the one on one balls.  Evan has good enough height and length to be put in the slot or at outside WR.  He is also a lean 175lbs with a body that can gain some muscle weight and hopefully get over 190-200lbs when it is all said and done.   His physical attributes will only get better with time and age.       

2022 – WR – CJ Williams – Mater Dei, CA – 6’2 / 193

247 Rank:  National - 39 / WR - 4 / CA – 5

Commitment – Un-Decided

Name/Location/Date/Time of film for evaluation –  Sophomore Highlights Hudl – 4/1/20 – 7m 56sec

Physical Attributes –  CJ is a big bodied, outside WR.  At a 193lbs right now he will certainly be at or above 210-215 when its all said and done.  He is tall and long and look like he is put together.  He shows decent twitch, feet and get off.  He also shows decent burst, acceleration and long speed but not elite.  Had very good body control.  He excels at being able to adjust to the ball and then catch the ball.  He has above average hands and can win the one on one balls.  A powerful WR that will develop over time as his body develops.  

2022 – RB – Raleek Brown – Mater Dei – 5’8 / 185

247 Rank:  National - 25 / RB - 3 / CA – 3

Commitment – Un-Decided

Name/Location/Date/Time of film for evaluation –  Varsity Highlights C/O 2022 RB – Hudl – 1/29/19 – 5m 54sec

Physical Attributes –  Raleek has a shorter, thicker body type.  He is a 99 EA Sports video game ranking right now!!  He possesses elite burst, acceleration, long speed and explosiveness.  Along with elite balance and body control and feet.  He runs with power and explosiveness but shows that his ability to make people miss, change direction on a dime and then burst immediately after his cut is amazing.  His god given physical attributes are impressive.  Raleek aslo has a verified 4.47, 40 yard dash.  Like any other player as he develops physically, he will become an even more impressive physical specimen.