The Originators of 7on7 Football

Great football starts with great partners

It's a game of numbers
and we got 'em all!
New Era. New Football.

40 Yards of Fury

7on7 is a competitive, non-contact way to play football. It mimics the fast pace of football minus the linemen. It’s played on a regulation size football field from the 40 yard line to the end zone.

For Pylon, it is used as a way to evaluate talent during the off-season in contrast to the traditional combines that can hurt an athletes recruiting stock.

40 Yards of Fury
The One and Only

The Originators of 7on7 Football

Since 2006, Pylon has delivered an electrifying twist on the traditional “11 on 11” game.

The Pylon 7on7 Football National Championship Series has seen over 3,200 Division I athletes and 300+ NFL players pass through on their road to stardom.

The Originators of 7on7 Football
Our Goal is Simple

Mission Statement

Pylon 7on7 Football is to be a vessel for high school and youth athletes to be seen by college programs, compete at a high level and further develop their football specific skill set.

Mission Statement
It's all about the experience

What are coaches saying about Pylon?

“There is no other 7on7 tournament that offers the opportunities for athletes that Pylon offers."
Reggie Jones

Reggie Jones Heir | Puyallup, WA

“Pylon provides a great platform for players to perform and compete against the elite of the elite for real!”
Marcus Hammond

Marcus Hammond NLG | Sicklerville, NJ

"When it comes down to it, you can't be elite unless you've won a Pylon Championship. Period, end of story! "
Coach Duffy

Coach Duffy Texas ICE | Fort Worth, TX

"Pylon changes athlete's lives. When you compete at a Pylon tournament, the exposure is authentic. #BurnBabyBurn ! "
Lo Wood

Lo Wood Central FL All-Stars | Orlando, FL

"Nobody offers a bigger spotlight with the best talent at the best venues. Nobody!"
Coach Byrd

Coach Byrd EAT 7on7 | Riverside, CA

“Pylon is the standard. The hospitality and environment is remarkable. The experiences last a lifetime.”
Coach Ro Simon

Coach Ro Simon Fast Houston | Houston, TX

"Competing in Pylon tournaments are the best experiences we've ever had. Team Pylon goes above and beyond expectations."
Byron Tsuchiyama

Byron Tsuchiyama All Blacks Crusaders | Oahu, HI

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