Tournament Registration
How much does it cost per team to attend a Pylon tournament?

$1,000 per 7on7 team.  We do offer a small discount if you have multiple teams or attend multiple events.


All Tournament fees are paid via online registration 

What is included in the tournament price?

Your registration fee only covers the cost of entry per team.  Nothing else is included.

How many teams can I register for a tournament?

In our bigger tournaments (i.e. Mesquite, Orlando) you can register as many as you want.  In our smaller events, 32 teams and under if registration allows, we limit to 2 teams per division.

How many games are guaranteed at each tournament?

Game guarantees can vary from tournament to tournament.  Most tournaments are a guaranteed 4 games (3 pool play and 1 single-elimination), but some are 3-games guaranteed (2 pool play and 1 single-elimination).

What days of the week are your tournaments played?

Typically, 2 days (Saturday and Sunday).  In some cases, we hold 1-day tournaments with the same number of games guaranteed.

How many coaches can a team have on the sideline?

5.  A head coach, 2 offensive, and 2 defensive coaches.  Each team receive 3 coach’s wristbands at no cost.  Any amount over 3 is required to pay the weekend fee, but still receives their coach’s credentials.  Team managers and personal photographers/videographers are required to pay the weekend rate as well.

How many players are allowed on a roster?

24 maximum players.

Are seniors allowed to play?

No. Player must be in the 11th grade or lower. NO SENIORS.

Are there any reasons for disqualification?

YES!  Fighting and cheating will possibly get you disqualified and removed from the event with no refund!

Do you offer refunds?

We DO NOT offer refunds on tournaments.  We do however allow your registration to be transferred to another event in the same tournament season.  All sales are FINAL!

When is the last day we can register for a Tournament?

7 days prior to the event ONLY IF the tournament is not sold out.

Tournament Requirements
What is required of each player to play in a Pylon tournament?

All athletes must go through age verification on SportsThread.

Are helmets and mouthguards mandatory?

YES!!  Soft-shell helmets and mouthguards must be worn by all with the exception of the quarterback.

Are there any reasons for disqualification?

YES!  Fighting and cheating will possibly get you disqualified and removed from the event.

Can a player double-roster?

Yes.  Payers can double-roster at the same tournament ONLY IF they are in 2 different divisions.  Example, a player cannot be on the roster of 2 teams in the high school division, but they can be on the roster of a 15u/Freshman team and a high school team.

Tournament Spectators
What is the cost for spectators?

The cost of each event can vary.  Most tournaments are $25 per weekend.  We no longer offer day spectator rates.  Other specialty events (i.e. The Mecca, Indianapolis, Orlando) are $30+ per weekend.  Entrance fees are CASH ONLY and NON-REFUNDABLE!

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