5v5 Rules


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  1. Minimum 5 players, with a maximum of 20 players per roster/team

  2. Each game/match will be on a 6-minute running clock. The clock will only stop at the discretion of the referee

  3. A coin flip by the referee will determine who goes on offense or defense first during the round robin/pool play stages. Matches cannot end on a tie. One rep (4 seconds) will determine the winner.

  4. Double Elimination rounds will be determined by seeds (number of wins & points scored). The higher seeded team will always have first option to select offense or defense

  5. You will have 4 seconds for each rep

  6. Reps are scored on a 1-point scoring system

  7. Each team will have 2 reps on offense and 2 reps on defense per player

  8. Offensive Line splits will be at 2ft

  9. Each rep starts on Offensive lineman’s movement

  10. Guards & Tackles must be set before the start of next rep. They must also move or step away from rep/action if not participating in rep

  11. Scoring – DL has 4 seconds to touch bag (QB). He MUST touch the BAG to win the rep or be rewarded the point. OL has to MAINTAIN his block for 4 seconds to be rewarded a point

  12. No Bull Rush – Bull rush is when a defender DOES NOT make any attempt at utilizing a second move or counter move. A point will be rewarded to the offensive player

  13. No Holding – Hands must be inside, if not point will be rewarded to the defensive player


  • Each player must go through the Pylon age verification/registration process to be added to their team roster via SportsThread. You are not allowed to double-roster at the same event.


  • All players MUST wear mandated Pylon headgear AND spider pads! You can find the information at the following links:

  • Uniforms and mouthpieces are not required, but highly recommended

  • Only TWO coaches per team are allowed on the field during game play

  • Any unsportsman-like penalties are at the discretion of the referee.

    • 1st infraction is a warning

    • 2nd infraction will be a point

    • 3rd infraction will be a game disqualification


Recommended Football Sizes by Age
9 & under 5 Pee Wee 10.0-11oz (285-310g) 5.1-5.6 inch (13-14.2cm) 9.1-9.4 inch (23-24cm)
9 - 12 6 Junior 11.3-12.3oz (320-350g) 5.7-6.1 inch (14.5-15.5cm) 9.8-10.2 inch (25-26cm)
12 - 14 7 Youth 12.3-13.4oz (350-380g) 5.9-6.3 inch (15-16cm) 11.0 inch (28cm)
14 & over 9 Official 14-15oz (397-425g) 6.5-6.8 inch (16.5-17.2cm) 11.0-11.25 inch(28-28.5cm)

Football Sizes