2022 – Ath – Larry Turner-Gooden – St. Bernard, CA – 6’0 / 179

247 Rank:  National - 52 / Ath - 5 / CA – 7

Commitment – Undecided

Name/Location/Date/Time of film for evaluation – Larry Turner Calabasas 2018 Freshman Highlights  – 247 - 6m 15sec

I will start this evaluation by stating that I evaluated only off Freshman film 2 years ago. 

Physical Attributes –  Larry is a decent sized, very fluid athlete.  Shows great burst and acceleration, good speed, excellent balance and body control.  He can make running look easy.  He is a twitchy athlete with good feet as well.  Would like to see a more recent film but as a freshman, the film is very, very impressive  in terms of his physical attributes.  Could not find track times or verified times, ht or wt  

Position Specific Skills –  good get off, good feet, good balance and body control.  He can change direction and shows excellent twitch.  He can run with fluidity and ease.  A glider.  Very impressive for a young freshman.  He can play the deep half, he can play man and zone concepts on defense.  He shows toughness and can tackle in space.  He can drop weight and make cuts to create separation at WR.  He adjusts to the ball, and has soft hands.  A great athlete that shows he can do a lot of things at a high level at a young age.           

Overall – A two way standout as a freshman.  Very impressive film.  He is very productive and does a ton of things at a high level.  Excited to see new film on him to see how he has developed physically and skill wise.  If he builds on what he did his freshman year, he will be a force.  Not sure from this exposure if he will be a safety or a slot type.

Paul Gonnella

Paul Gonnella
Paul is the CEO and Co-Founder of THE PROCESS Football Recruiting. His 10 years of experience as the Director of Player Personnel at Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Miami, Purdue, South Florida, and Memphis make Paul one of the best evaluators in the country.