2022 – RB – Jaydon Blue – Klein Cain, TX – 5’9 / 195

247 Rank:  National - 60 / RB - 4 / TX – 11

Commitment – Texas

Name/Location/Date/Time of film for evaluation – Junior SZN – Hudl – 12/23/2020 - 3m 06sec

Physical Attributes – Shorter, thick body.  Jaydon shows he has explosive power, strong lower body and can run.  A great combination for a RB.  His play speed and quickness is excellent.  I am not sure how exactly quick and fast he is, my guess is very good but not elite.  Not a twitch, make you miss type RB but at the same time exhibits great balance and body control with the ability to make all the cuts he needs to find a crease and then uses his burst and acceleration to make explosive plays.      

Position Specific Skills –  A prototypical RB.  Runs with power and a low center of gravity.  Has great balance and body control with allows for great cuts to find a crease.  He uses his ability to burst and accelerate and then uses his above average game speed to make plays.  Ability to break tackles and run with power may be his most impressive trait.  Yards after contact is evident.  Jaydon is a tough, blue collar RB with a forward lean and athletic enough to make plays.  Always moving forward.  Would like to see more blocking

Overall – Jaydon runs with a purpose on every snap.  He has a low center of gravity with great balance and body control that runs with power.  Looks like an Ezekial Elliot type back, maybe not as big as EE but similar running styles.  Jaydon is very productive vs very, very good competition.  He has good speed but not elite.  He makes many explosive plays by using his vision and ability to make yards after contact, which is very impressive.  Don’t get me wrong he plays with great play speed and it shows.  This is a solid RB prospect who can be a top tier RB with his combination of speed and power.  

Paul Gonnella

Paul Gonnella
Paul is the CEO and Co-Founder of THE PROCESS Football Recruiting. His 10 years of experience as the Director of Player Personnel at Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Miami, Purdue, South Florida, and Memphis make Paul one of the best evaluators in the country.