2022 - CB  – Jyaire Brown– Lakota West, OH  – 6’0/ 178

247 Rank:  National - 79/ CB - 12 / OH – 14

Commitment – Ohio State University

Name/Location/Date/Time of film for evaluation – Hollywood’s Junior Year Campaign – Hudl – 11/12/2020 - 3m 46sec

Physical Attributes –  Solid sized athletic, twitchy CB.  Not overly long or thick but shows some great physical attributes when it comes to his ability to run, change direction and flip hits, burst, acceleration,  and overall play speed.  He shows great range and catch up ability.  To take the next step nature and hard work with the key to how Jyaire develops physically.  He may grow height wise and should be able to put on some weight which will enhance his current skill set 

Position Specific Skills –  Jyaire has the skill level you are looking for.  He all the tools to zone and man cover.  He shows great feet, balance and body control, short area quickness, ability to change direction, he can open his hips and burst and accelerate out of cuts.  He can mirror WR’s and makes plays on the ball.  His ability to run and catch up is verified as well.  He is a cut tackler at times.  You would like to see more physicality from him.  He shows he has great field awareness and plays with a high football IQ and instinctiveness.  

Overall – Jyaire all the tools you want to see in a CB.  His physical attributes, in terms of twitch, change of direction and ability to run are clear and impressive.  Jyaire needs to let nature takes its course as well as work his tail off in the weight room to get into the discussi0n as a top college CB in power 5 football.  The base is set for him to do just that with his god given ability and his excellent technique.

Paul Gonnella

Paul Gonnella
Paul is the CEO and Co-Founder of THE PROCESS Football Recruiting. His 10 years of experience as the Director of Player Personnel at Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Miami, Purdue, South Florida, and Memphis make Paul one of the best evaluators in the country.