2022 – WR – Victor Jones – Olympia, FL – 6’2 / 184

247 Rank:  National - 931 / WR - 134  / FL– 122

Commitment – Undecided

Name/Location/Date/Time of film for evaluation – Junior Season Highlights 2020 - Hudl - 11/23/2020 - 6m 59sec

Physical Attributes – Let's start with this, Victor is 6’2 and had a verified 10.94 100 in 2020.  I am big with verified track times.  He is a tall, long levered, long striding WR with a solid body.  He shows solid feet and quicks with solid burst and acceleration and has verified long speed for size.  He is twitchy and shows he can change direction and can make people miss in a short area but his game is catching on stride and out running the competition.  He shows good explosives and overall good athletic ability.      

Position Specific Skills – He shows good feet and initial quickness and is fluid for size.  He has decent burst and acceleration but takes some time to get to full speed.  He is  a long strider with great play/long speed for size but not elite. He can be elusive and make people miss.  He is a natural red zone/deep threat with length and speed.  Victor is a natural catcher with soft hands and a big catch radius.  Needs to work on dropping weight and bursting and excelling out of cuts.        

Overall – Victor has some things to work on but has the physical tools to be a really good college football player.  He uses his length and size to overpower smaller defenders, can break tackles and once he gets in the open field he can open it up and out run the competition.  He needs to master the craft of route running and learn to explode off the ball and drop his weight in and out of cuts with burst and acceleration.  Time and hard work will pay dividends for Victor.  I believe he has a high ceiling with his natural, God given abilities.   

Paul Gonnella

Paul Gonnella
Paul is the CEO and Co-Founder of THE PROCESS Football Recruiting. His 10 years of experience as the Director of Player Personnel at Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Miami, Purdue, South Florida, and Memphis make Paul one of the best evaluators in the country.