2022 – WR – Gavin Smith – Notre Dame Prep, AZ - 5’11 / 190

247 Rank:  National - N/A / WR - N/A / AZ – N/A

Commitment – Undecided

Name/Location/Date/Time of film for evaluation – Junior Year - Hudl - 12/15/2020 - 7m 31sec

Physical Attributes –  Gavin has a smaller frame that relies on his twitch, ability to make people miss (change direction) and solid play speed.  He shows good feet, balance and body control and has solid burst and acceleration.  Not an overly explosive player and lacks elite speed but is still productive.  

Position Specific Skills – Gavin is a slot type WR who has really good feet, balance, body control and good burst and acceleration.  He has solid play speed and the ability to jump cut, change direction and make people miss after the catch.  He can drop his weight on routes to create separation.  A gritty, tough, high effort guy.     

Overall – Gavin is a really good athlete and football player that had 803yds, 8 TD’s, 2 INT’s, 5 PBU’s as a Junior.  He does a lot of things really well in all 3 phases of the game.  He shows toughness, instinctiveness and field awareness.  He projects to a slot type guy who is a really good route runner and has good hands.  He can run but he does possess elite long speed.  Gavin relies on his great vision, ability to jump cut and solid play speed   

Paul Gonnella

Paul Gonnella
Paul is the CEO and Co-Founder of THE PROCESS Football Recruiting. His 10 years of experience as the Director of Player Personnel at Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Miami, Purdue, South Florida, and Memphis make Paul one of the best evaluators in the country.